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Blue and Green X Ray Intensifying Screen YSX1615
Blue and Green X Ray Intensifying Screen YSX1615
Blue and Green X Ray Intensifying Screen YSX1615

Intensifying Screen covering all sizes.

Our main product including vet X-ray machine and all kinds of x-ray accessories.

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Products Details

Blue and Green X Ray Intensifying Screen

Model: YSX1615

Intensifying Screen: put inside the x-ray film cassette, which can make the images clear.

Size chart as follow:

5*7 inch      13*18cm

8*10 inch     20*25cm
10*12 inch   25*30cm
11*14 inch   28*35cm
12*15 inch   30*38cm
14*14 inch   35*35cm
14*17 inch   35*43cm

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