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YSENMED is a professional veterinary medical equipment supplier in China.
Located in Guangzhou, YSENMED provides full range of medical equipment for veterinary hospitals or clinics, such as veterinary x-ray machines, vet ultrasound scanners, veterinary laboratory instrument, animal operation equipment, pet cages, pet grooming equipment, etc.
We have great advantages in offering one-stop-shop solutions for animal clinics around the world, especially in Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, USA, Italy, Spain, ect. So far, we have established good cooperation with vet clinics from more than 50 countries globally.
  • our team

    we meticulously source our talent from around the world,continually on a mission of providing quality healthcare by the provision of a workforce that exceis.
  • our expertise

    over 17 years of operating with the field of quality healthcare delivery have made us a powerful partner to many of the world's leading healthcare brands.
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    We aim to be the preferred service provider for all of your products,ensuring that our customers receive a high return on their investment.
  • trnkey solutions

    why waste precious time dealing with multple vendors for your business requirements when the team at Aone Medical can handle them all ?
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    Veterinary Equipment for Singapore New Pet Clinic Nice client from Singapore purchased a lot of pet equipment for her new vet clinic, including: customized pet cage, treatment table, instrument table, grooming table, surgical light, rebound tonometer, anesthesia machine etc. Now all the goods heading to Singapore now, will put in service soon. YSENMED, a professional one-stop-shop veterinary equipment supplier! Customized Pet Cage Veterinary Treament Table YSVET2016 Veterinary Instrument Table YSVET900 Veterinary Grooming Table YSVET0508 Veterinary LED Surgical Light YSOT5050 Rebound Ttonometer YSYYJ500 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine YSAV600MV
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    Veterinary Equipment for Costa Rica Vet Clinic Clinet for Costa Rica purchased a lot of veterinary medical equipment from us for his new vet clinic, including: vet cage, endoscaope system, tonometer, woods lamp, surgical drill, ventilator, ecg machine, operation light, vet eletrocautery unit and urine analyzer. Now all the equipment are heading to Costa Rica. If you have any enquiry about vet equipment, welcome here for more information reference. Vet cage YSVET0510: Veterinary Endoscopy System YSNJ-150VET: Vet Surgical Drill YSDZ0501 and Ventilator YSAV201PV: Vet Tonometer YSVET-YYJ500 and Woods Lamp YSVET-WL365 Vet ECG Machine YSECG300V and Surgical Lamp YSOT05LED-I: Vet Eletrocautery Unit YSESU-D6V and Urine Analyzer YSU-600V:
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    Veterinary Equipment for Armenia New Pet Hospital Our Armenian customer's animal clinic is about to open. In August, he purchased a 20FT container of goods from our company, such as veterinary X-ray machine, anesthesia machine, ultrasound machine, blood analyzer, veterinary operating table, veterinary bath, veterinary cage and so on. The high quality of our products and our careful and considerate service help us win the trust and support of customers. Here are some pictures:
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    Veterinary Equipment for Australia New Pet Hospital Client from Australia holding a new big pet hospital, in June he come to China to find vet medical equipment suppliers. Actually he contacted with several suppliers at the same time, but after his serious consideration, finally he chose us YSENMED as his final supplier, he purchase all the equipment (a 40ft HQ container equipment) from us. Thanks for his trust and support, maybe we are not the cheapest one, but I am sure we the most cost-effective and best services one. In August, all the goods arrived in client's hospital, and we sent engineer to install the equipment, here are some photos: Veterinary Digital x-ray machine, color Doppler ultrasound scanner and dental x-ray machine Veterinary anesthesia and ventilator machine Veterinary patient monitor, defibrillator, oxygen generator and sunction machine Veterinary hematology analyzer, coagulometer, microscope, chemistry analyzer and centrifuge Veterinary endoscopy system Veterinary sterilizer autoclave, dental unit and beauty apparatus Veterinary operation table and grooming table Veterinary combination cages Enginner testing the machine and training for the Nurses
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