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Vetarinary Electrocautery Unit

Model: YSUSG300VET

YSUSG300VET Ultrasonic Scalpel System

  • ModelYSUSG300VET
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • MOQ1
  • Ship FromGuangzhou, China
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  • Categories: Vetarinary Electrocautery Unit
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    2.Coagulation/Stop the bleeding.
    3.Thermal effect and hollowing out effect.
     Product Performance                 
    The generator is a device (or generator) that is used to generate and supply power and output control to an ultrasonic transducer. Activating the footswitch or manual switch adapter provides power output. The generator generates electrical energy signals that are transmitted to the transducer through a cable and the transducer converts the electrical energy signal into mechanical motion of the ultrasonic wave.
    Hand piece transducer
    Hand Piece transducer converts electrical energy from the main generator mechanical movement. Handle with ultrasonic receiver connected to the amplifier, the amplitude of the latter amplification produced by transducer handles, energy transfer and movement to the instrument. Transducer lever handle also provides equipment connected to the host hand control signal.
    Hand piece scalpel
    Transfer and amplification ultrasonic mechanical energy from the transducer handles to the organization, to ensure that appropriate clamping force, implementation of check hemorrhagic cutting and/or the organization setting.
    The instrument includes a manual switch adapter (MIN, MAX manual switch) and a wheel-integrated locking wrench.
    Foot switch
    Activated and transfer the information to the host carrier generator switch. In both the minimum (MIN) or maximum (MAX) mode, once the foot switch is pressed, the pedal will be activated and the information transmitted to the generator.
     Remark: Our hand piece scalpel (YSHPS36P, YSHPS23P, YSHPS14P) is compatible with J&J Ethicon GEN400 and GN11.
     The main components about the Ultrasonic Scalpel System  
    Component: generator, hand piece transducer, hand piece scalpel, and foot switch.
    System Name System Model Component name Component models Remark
    Ultrasonic Scalpel System YSUSG300 generator YSUSG300 Driving frequency: 55.5KHz
    hand piece transducer YSHPT55.5S Connection gun type of Hand piece scalpel
    YSHPT55.5B Connect the scissors type of Hand piece scalpel
    foot switch YSFSW01 Anti-infusion IPX8
    hand piece scalpel YSHPS36P 5mm\ For laparoscopic surgery
    YSHPS23P 5mm\ For open surgery
    YSHPS14P 5mm\ For superficial surgery
    YSHPS9B For superficial surgery